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Emjysoft Anti-Spam icon A dependable and easy to use application that helps you scan your email account, in order to protect it from spam or bulk messages

With the continuing Internet utilization for advertising, propaganda or malicious purposes it becomes useful to have an application that can block unwanted mail from reaching your inbox.

Emjysoft Anti-Spam may be the right choice when it comes to protect your electronic mailbox against junk mail or unsolicited commercial email.

Modern-looking interface

The interface of the application is very intuitive and easy to work with enabling beginner and advanced users with the means necessary to access all the tool's features with only a few clicks.

More experienced users won't be disappointed because they can manually configure email accounts by inputting information such as server name, port number, user, password, security protocols for establishing links between servers and clients, as well as choose if they want the application to analyze all their mails or specific emails.

Easy method of allowing or denying access

Even though some mail services or internet service providers have spam filters that they can use to refine the emails that are delivered to their customers, you can create your own filters for a more secure method of protection against spam. Thus, with Emjysoft Anti-Spam you can create your own whitelists and blacklists.

When an unknown user sends you an email for the first time, the application sends him an authentication email. If the user passes the authentication process, then his emails get automatically redirected to your inbox. Provided that the authentication is done without including third-party servers, your email privacy is secured.

Two authentication methods are available: one where the sender writes the validation code into an email and the second one where the caller just replies to your notification message. In addition to this, you can use a predefined notification message or you can customize it.

Secure method of protecting you email account

All things considered, Emjysoft Anti-Spam is an easy-to-use software solution that successfully blocks unwanted bulk mail from reaching your mailbox. Plus, it offers you the possibility to create an external backup of your anti spam settings.

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Emjysoft Anti-Spam was reviewed by Alexandra Savin on Aug 20th, 2014
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