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SortPix XL icon Set source and destination folders for your picture collection, easily organize them in custom structures, sort them out, and more with this practical picture management tool

Since all modern mobile phones and even laptops are fitted with cameras, an incredible amount of pictures are taken on a daily basis. Sorting them out is a difficult task, but there are various specialized applications like SortPix XL that want to simplify the whole process through an intuitive design and comprehensive functions.

Visually appealing and easy to use

Upon launch, the application takes the liberty of occupying your whole screen, so make sure there’s nothing important or that can be interrupted. This isn’t necessarily a disadvantage, because the application is pretty well-polished, with several different themes put at your disposal. If you want to work in a simple window, you can easily trigger full screen functionality.

Split into two panes, the main window automatically loads some preset sample source and target folders, just so you instantly get an idea of what can be accomplished. What’s more, neat animations and visual elements point out what needs to be done so you don’t get stuck along the way. Every button or function you hover your mouse cursor over gets revealed instantly, while others slide for even more options.

The overall process is pretty simple and intuitive. You get to work with a file explorer specially designed for pictures. View can be customized, with options to choose from several types, like list, big icons, and more. Arranging is done by dragging one or more pictures from the source pane over the target. However, you need to manually create directory structure in the target first hand.

Various sorting and management options

Target and source can easily be changed, with the application scanning and displaying content in less than a second. There’s an option to view memory data for the target directory, just in case you decide to store all pictures on an USB flash drive, you you just happen to have one too many pictures.

Sorting options are easily triggered, with options to select file name, size and date, as well as the type of sorting, but generally goes down to how you arrange them in the target. Some extra options can be used to locate specific items, move or delete files, rename, or put a slideshow in motion to go through your entire collection.

On an ending note

All things considered, we come to the conclusion that SortPix XL is an application you can rely on for sorting all those wonderful pictures taken while on holiday, your screenshot collection, or who knows what else. The visual design is neat and lets you quickly accommodate, while functions are accompanied by helpful descriptions that make the whole process a walk in the park.

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SortPix XL was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir on Sep 4th, 2015
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SortPix XL 4.1.2

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