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USB HID Logger icon You can use this program to constantly monitor the activity of USB HID devices, such as a mouse or a keyboard and generate a log file

USB HID Logger is designed to capture, log and export data from USB HID devices. The application can also detect inconsistencies or missing software components required for the selected devices to properly run. Moreover, it can monitor several such devices at the same time.

Detect errors in USB HID devices

USB HID (human interface device) are a special class of USB devices designed to interact directly with humans, without the need for installing additional drivers. The mouse, keyboard, gamepad are examples of such devices. The specifications of the HID interface makes it possible for devices that do not interact directly with people to use this particular interface to transfer data.

USB HID Logger is designed to monitor USB HIDs, regardless if they interact with people or not. It can capture data from devices such as barcode readers, RFID, measurement instruments, fingerprint scanners and supplement or replace their native software.

Supervise several HIDs at the same time

USB HID Logger allows you to configure the monitoring process and to include several devices. The program can detect the supported HIDs and allows you to add or remove them from the list, using the dedicated window.

The logged data can be encoded and exported to Excel, CSV and other supported formats. Moreover, the program allows you to analyze received data and process events, such as sending an email when a certain value reaches the specified limit. You may configure these events, as well as create data filters and only log the information that interests you.

Run as service mode

USB HID Logger can run as a Windows service, thus allowing you to capture data as soon as the operating system starts, even before you can log on. Moreover, the program can run in the background even if you log off. The application is simple to use, features a straightforward interface and enables you to constantly monitor the USB HIDs.

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USB HID Logger was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan on Jul 31st, 2015

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USB HID Logger 1.7.7 Build 723

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