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CheatBook July 2018 icon Learn the optimum way through a level or use silly cheats to have fun with your favorite game with the help of this database

Although gamers hardly ever admit to using cheats of any kind, it's almost a given that all of them used one at some point. Naturally, it doesn't have to be because they find the game too hard. Sometimes you just want to have fun with a game and see how it would play like if your character were invincible. Other times you just want to focus on the story and not worry about the combat in between, although it must be mentioned that most modern video games include this option as a "Story Only" difficulty mode.

The CheatBook database has been around for many years, and it hasn't changed all that much in all that time. Granted, the developers have been inspired enough to settle on a great design from the get go, and the concept as a whole is pretty simple to start with, but it's nice to see that not everyone has fallen victim to excessive designs.

As such, the information is presented in simple text form, separated into different entries for every game. All you need to do is search for the desired game and everything is displayed in a single block of text, which is pretty neat, most of the time. It can be a bother if you are dealing with a substantial walkthrough, but it's a great choice for cheats in general.

In addition, you also have the option to simply export the data to other formats, just in case you want to make it easier to read through. There are also a variety of console titles included, which is nice, given the fact that console games do not usually come with a debug console that lets you alter parameters or generally mess with game files.

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