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Skyforge icon Play as an immortal who learns about he can become a god in a world that's under threat by an invasion

A sci-fi infused world in which immortal beings battle and forge their path to becoming worshiped gods. In a very generalized and summarized description, that’s what Skyforge offers, and I have to admit, it’s an interesting pitch. And luckily for us, it gets better when you start playing.

An MMORPG with an appealing concept and gameplay

Right off the bat, Skyforge is on the fence between being very good and good, which is still in its favor. From a visual point of view, Skyforge can compete with other AAA MMOs and during exploration and combat, things run very smooth.

The world itself is a blend of WOW, Final Fantasy and other well-known universes. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where it draws its inspiration, but it manages to pull off a rather unique look.

Moreover, as you make your way into the depths of the game, you’ll find plenty of original ideas and concept that render it in an increasingly better light.

As far as the gameplay goes, it doesn’t stray much from the core concepts of MMORPGs but it still feels different.

At times, it even feels like a cross between Warframe and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, which is excellent, but you’ll be able to see that a bit further into the game.

Between free to play and pay to win

There’s that constantly unpleasant Premium side of a game that tends to ruin a lot of it for those who can’t afford to pay. It’s also present here, and the most noticeable flaw is that for those who pay up, quest rewards are almost always doubled. It’s a huge difference, and when it comes to PvP, it will frustrate a lot of people.

However, Skyforge is well-balanced when it comes to what you have to do and how. For one, you can swap character classes in an instant without it affecting your progress. Additionally, each player will fight for his or her Pantheon to bring it to the top of the leaderboard.

There are multiple combat activities to take on and even more side ones that can be enjoyed in solo mode.

It’s definitely worth a try if you’re a fan of the MMORPG

Compared to other MMOs that have surfaced in the last year or so, Skyforge features a more dynamic start, one that’s more immersive and attractive. You still get the grinding aspect of any MMORPG but, in this case, it’s different, less tedious.

So, with that part out of the way, Skyforge opens up to players in a better way and with an original concept behind its world, it’s even more appealing.


Skyforge was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
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Skyforge (17.04.2018)

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